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We’d be happy to meet with you and understand more about your particular needs and goals.

For support and/or custom consulting/advice please use the contact form below.

To make the most cost-effective use of support time please be ready to provide:

  • Try the Troubleshooting and tips page for your app
  • Try using a basic mapping that only uses required fields ( Name usually ) and no ETL to start with
    • This may help isolate the issue
  • Include screenshots of any error messages, logs etc.
  • Provide the App Version
  • Your exported sync config, minus any PII or credentials
  • Access to your actual sandbox or app would be helpful as well, if possible
  • Valid Mock API data for debug mode
  • Salesforce object schema for the sync
    • Field name, type, length, uniqueness, external id, read-only, etc.

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