With over twenty years of experience in:

  • Product and Integration Consulting
  • Product, Business, & Market Fit
  • Salesforce
  • Application, App, & Web Development
  • Scalable, re-usable Integration and Development frameworks
  • Workflow and Automation

We have come together to build Salesforce, AWS, & custom solutions that take some of the pain and guesswork out of custom integrations.

Spend less time developing, and more time delighting your clients.

We are sometimes available for remote consulting engagements and advice. Please use the contact page to reach out should you have any questions.

General Skills and Competencies:

  • JS / Node / React / Angular / Vue
  • AWS Stack
  • APEX
  • PHP, HTML, & CSS
  • SQL, SOQL, mySQL, Mongo, Dynamo, Redis, etc.
  • Event Bus, Queues, Notifications, etc.
  • BI & Data Warehousing
    • Tableau, Sigma, Snowflake, etc.