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Service Offerings

In addition to our apps, we offer the following fee-based services :

Integration & Data Strategy – we can help shape your overall data & integration strategy – analyzing your databases, Salesforce instances, services, APIs, and connected products and creating high or low-level roadmaps and specific architectural advice. Implement scalable, supportable, and stable solutions that de-couple data providers from front-end applications and services.

Data & Warehousing Strategy – consolidate all of your data and power advanced reporting, insights, and modelling.
Data Redundancy and Efficiency Solutions – reducing the toil and frustration caused by entering the same ( duplicate ) information multiple systems, with a focus on reducing sync errors and unintentional data loss. Improperly synced systems can result in “good data” being overwritten by stale, irrelevant, or incorrect data.

Service Automation – architecture and design of multi-system automation and workflow engines. A well-designed workflow and automation strategy reduces toil, increases engagement, streamlines, and simplifies servicing your business and customers.